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End to End Problems & Solutions in EOSDIS


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This page covers only the activities we are performing in Berkeley. For more information on this grant, please see our Parent Page.

The UCB team is tasked with coordinating the implementation details between participating groups. Therefore, we have a hand in each aspect of the EOSDIS end to end problem mentioned in our parent page. Without going into every detail, we can summarize major efforts as follows. Keep in mind that the architecture is Database-Centric:

  1. Development of:
  2. Data collection
  3. Architecting an interface
In addition, we are exploring several areas of research that are inherent in such a DBMS-centric architecture. These include:
  1. More effective wide-area distributed-DBMS technology. Our efforts focus on a prototype distributed DBMS, called Mariposa.
  2. A type library for optimally regridding satellite imagery (David Siegel).
  3. An advanced visualization system for specifying user interactions with the database known as Tecate, headed by Peter Kochevar.
  4. A more effective interface between a DBMS and a tertiary memory file system . This is a part of the High Performance Storage System Project, HPSS , headed by Dick Watson. Also see the National Storage Laboratory, NSL.
  5. End-to-end modelling of the "end-to-end" problem of going from data source to DBMS to visualization system. The " Gator " project has as its goal to identify the ultimate bottlenecks in the overall architecture and then focus on parallelization of these modules. Gator is headed by Jim Demmel.
  6. A more flexible wide-area networking protocol, headed by Joseph Pasquale.
Principal Investigator:

Michael Stonebraker
621 Soda Hall
University of California
Berkeley, Ca. 94720


Partners and participants

Section Coordinator: Richard Troy, rtroy@postgres.berkeley.edu


J. Anderson (UCSB), P. Brown (UCB), F. Davis (UCSB), D. Donahue (UCSB), J. Dozier (UCSB), J. Frew (UCSB), K. Gardels (UCB), R. Mechoso (UCLA), E. Mesrobian (UCLA), D. Siegel (UCSB), K. Sklower (UCB), J. Spahr (UCLA), M. Stonebraker (UCB), R. Troy (UCB) .